01/365 Setting Intentions (New Delhi, India)

2016 collage 101/365 – Setting Intentions

For the past few years, my sister and I sit down on January 1 to set out our intentions for the new year.  We surround ourselves with a stack of our favorite magazines and start flipping through them-anything that catches our interest in any way gets ripped out.  This step moves fast.  You don’t stop to think about why something appeals to you, but if it makes you pause, you rip it out and move on.  Once we have nothing left to rip out, we go back through the stack of ripped pages sitting in front of us and try to figure out what it was on that page that caused us to pause- sometimes it is a word or a quote and other times it may be a color or a particular image.  Then we spend hours cutting everything out of the pages until we’re left with piles of cut out words and pictures.  And then we silently start building our masterpieces and suddenly the new year comes together.

This is one of my favorite ways to start the new year.  Not only do I end up with a gorgeous piece of art, but I’m always excited to see what makes it on to my board and surprised by what doesn’t.   Things that have been consuming me for months or years, can be absent while new things appear that I didn’t even realize I had been thinking about.  It’s the one time of the year that I get a rare glimpse into what my mind and heart actually want for my life.  It may get blurred or I may go off track at some point as I move through the year, but at least I’ve set my intentions and every time I look at the final piece, it remind me about what is important to me in this moment.

The central theme for me in 2016 is finding balance in my life.  This year I will work on redefining my definition of success and giving myself time to heal and focus on my health.  This year will be about finding that energy from within and not burning myself out.  It will be about being fearless and living my story.  It will be about writing, photography, food and travel-embracing the wanderlust and being ready to ignite a new world of possibilities. The new year will be about living by new rules-my rules and finding the woman I have yet to become.

The possibilities are endless.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try this exercise, I encourage to start this year.  For ideas, inspiration, and community of other intention setters, sign up for  Wholesome Soul’s 2016 Global Collage Party and create your road map for 2016!


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