05/365 Lunch for One Narendranagar, India

image05/365 – Lunch for One

I decided to treat myself to few days at the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas this week to give my body a chance to rest and so my lungs could get some fresh air.

The spa itself sits at 1000 meters above sea level in heart of the Himlayan valley and an hour from the nearest airport.  When I arrived yesterday I was greeted by a tall driver named Bhoopi who told me interesting facts as we drove along, such as a 3km stretch of the road on the way up to the spa is closed after dark because it’s where wild elephants roam and from time to time they cross the road.  In order to protect them, the road is closed at dusk to ensure they don’t get hit.

When you finally arrive after the last 14km, which is made up of one hairpin turn after another, it’s as though you’ve entered the era of the great maharajahs where rituals and traditions of the past exist with ease in the present.  But what is most noticeable is the silence and the total acceptance of solitude.

Sitting down to a meal by oneself can be challenging for many people.  Generally I have a book or an iPad or even my phone to keep me company when I find myself dining alone.  But here, after one spends the morning doing yoga, listening to a lecture about quieting the mind, walking the grounds, and taking a nap out in the sunshine, sitting down to a meal in silence, all alone, with no phone or book or anything else, feels natural, almost as if this, is how life is meant to be lived .




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