10/365 The Parantah Cycle (New Delhi, India)

10:36510/365 – The Parantah Cycle

From time to time, on my way to work I pass this old bicycle, permanently stationed against a wall in my neighborhood.  There have been times when I have wondered  what it was doing there, but like so many things in India, one learns not to ask why.  While out for a walk yesterday, I saw a man, standing near the seat, rolling out parahtahs.  As he rolled one out, he stopped to flip one already sizzling in oil in the flat, cast iron griddle, sitting atop a single burner on the back of the blue crate.  Without missing a beat he quickly flipped the hot, flaky disk, onto a plate and handed it over to an eagerly waiting customer, and then started the whole process over again.


2 thoughts on “10/365 The Parantah Cycle (New Delhi, India)

  1. Hi Dimple Happy New year. I am so excited and grateful for your Dimpstory… I am enjoying your beautiful words and adventures. I love you always., Patty


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