14/365 Pollution Free Delhi (New Delhi, India)

 14/365 – Pollution Free Delhi

I took this photo of the Pollution Free Delhi campaign monitor on my way home from work today.  Throughout the city “monitors,” like this one, stand on the corners of a busy intersections during rush hour, holding up signs advocating for a pollution free Delhi.  I recently read that the monitors were meant to observe the cars driving by in order to ensure that people were following the new odd/even license plate rules; but with sheer volume of cars on the road, the speed at which people drive, and no actual enforcement authority, I’m not really sure what purpose they are there to serve, other than to remind motorists about the desire of so many to have a  a city where people can actually breathe.

Although the reality of a pollution free Delhi is still a long way off, I have to say that I enjoy seeing the visual reminders in the street and support the overall sentiment.


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