16/365 Lounge Living (Bangkok, Thailand)

  16/365 – Lounge Living

I was thinking today about how fortunate I’ve been to travel around the world and experience unique new cultures, try local delicacies, and connect with people who have amazing stories to share.  

Through this journey I’ve stayed in everything from metal shipping containers to five star hotels, and a lot of things in between. Though I may not have always fully appreciated the experiences as I was going through them, looking back now I’m grateful for every one of them. 

For every difficult housing situation I’ve had to endure, I’ve had an equal or greater  number of experiences that were pure luxury. One thing that I truly enjoy is when I stay in a hotel where I have executive lounge access. The lounges generally sit on a higher floor with panoramic views of cities or oceans or just the simple chaos in the world below. 

Though living out of a suitcase can be exhausting at times, lounge living generally makes up for it. 


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