17/365 Talingchan Floating Market (Bangkok, Thailand)

 17/365 – Talingchan Floating Market

The Talingchan Floating Market, located in the heart of Bangkok, is made up of 13 rafts selling everything from noodles, satay and sticky rice with mango, to plants such as tuberose, white champaka, and Taiwanese hibiscus.  There is even an area for traditional Thai massage under the trees next to a stall that sells Thai iced tea and coffee sweekend with thick Carnation condensed milk.

After making my way past all the mouth-watering delicacies, I boarded a colorful long-tail boat with five other women to experience the local eco-tourism. For the next hour we floated along the river canals, passing temples, orchid farms, floating shops, and smiling locals who happily waved to the tourists drifting by.

I sat in the boat, intently watching as the people who live along the banks of the river went about their lives, hanging laundry on the line, tearing up chunks of old bread to feed to the jumping catfish, rowing old wooden boats to run errands, and sitting at rusted metal tables after a family meal.

How incredibly wonderful to know that in the heart of modernity, old world traditions and ways of life remain alive and well.


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