20/365 Foodie Traveling (Bangkok, Thailand)

image20/365 – Foodie Traveling

One thing I love about traveling in Asia is the availability of real Asian food-like this garlicky, noodle filled ramen. It’s not “American” style or “Indian” style-but rather, just simple, authentic ramen.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by many other foodies in my day to day life, but every now and then I meet someone who cannot understand my love of all things food. And I, in turn, cannot wrap my mind around the idea that food is merely sustenance and nothing more.

As a foodie traveler, most all of my trip planning revolves around finding the best places to eat. Fancy food, street food, local delicacies-no one category is more important than the next. I’ve experienced it all from standing on busy street corners holding a paper plate filled with hot, spicy street food, to dining in up scale Michelin starred restaurants.  Each one provides its own, unique experience.

When traveling to new lands where English isn’t very common, I often find that food serves as the common language. There is nothing like being offered hand made bread on the side of the road in Jordan, or visiting a local fruit and vegetable market as part of a cooking class in Thailand. Sitting down to enjoy a meal, surrounded by friends and family, is a way of life in so many parts of the world.

What I love the most about food is knowing that even the simplest of meals, when shared with others, has the ability to  turn strangers into friends.




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