21/365 Diversions (Lahore, Pakistan)

21/365 – Diversions

I took this picture after nearly 12 hours on the ground in Lahore, Pakistan. 

My flight to Islamabad was unexpectedly diverted to Lahore last night and what should have been an easy four hour trip from Bangkok quickly turned into hours hours of waiting-though thankfully not all of the waiting was on the plane. 

Some travelers just want to go get to their destination as quickly as possible with no diversions. Admittedly, I have generally been one of those types of travelers, but I’m trying to embrace the journey more and enjoy the unexpected little adventures along the way. 

As I sat on the plane today, waiting to take off for Islamabad, I thought about how this particular diversion was a bit nerve wracking at times, but had I not had the opportunity to stop and wait in Lahore, I would never have known that the arrivals “terminal” has a small duty free shop with large tubs of Tang drink mix and Prego spaghetti sauce lining the walls and stacked up as high as one can imagine. Nothing else-just Tang and Prego. 

I also would not have acquired a set of new stories to tell to friends and family that start off with “Let me tell you about this one time when I was stuck in Lahore . . . .” 


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