25/365 Honoring the Fallen (Islamabad, Pakistan)

25/365 – Honoring the Fallen

This memorial honors those Americans who have fallen in the service of the United States. What I love is that it honors both military and non-military alike and reminds us that every life matters.  

I’m always grateful to our men and women in uniform and the sacrifices they make to serve and protect our great nation.  Having loved a soldier for many years, I understand the difficult choices that are made by those in uniform to ensure that our lives as Americans can continue with as little disruption as possible, even if the cost of this freedom is sacrificing their own lives and happiness.  

But people often forget that there is a whole group of non-uniformed men and women, also making sacrifices to serve this country. Though their service differs in some ways from those in uniform, their contributions are no less important. These men and women are often out there on the front lines with our soldiers, and like the soldiers put their service above all else.


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