26/365 Cardamom Milk (Islamabad, Pakistan)

  26/365 – Cardamom Milk 

While wandering through the aisles of a grocery store in Islamabad today I found this can of cardamom milk. I was looking for some evaporated milk for my coffee and found this instead. 

One thing I love to do when I travel is walk through local grocery stores and markets. I remember finding large globes of salty Mizithra cheese and barrels of olives in Athens like we find cheddar and pickles in the U.S.  In Switzerland I found the most decadent dark chocolate and in Paris I was in pâté and caviar heaven. In India I can find fresh paneer for almost nothing and in Thailand there was satay on every street corner.  

Every market experience is unique.  There are times when I’m in awe of the colors,  and other times when I’m repulsed by the smells. But the thing that makes it wonderful is that it is all so different from home. 


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