42/365 Sidewalk Dwellers (New Delhi, India)

  42/365 – Sidewalk Dwellers

Day after day, men, women, and children, filthy, their meager belongings strewn about all around them, live their lives on sidewalks throughout Delhi with little protection from either the elements or from those who are fitter in the whole survival scheme.  These sidewalk dwellers live their lives of dust, and rain, and plastic bags filled with belongings with a resigned sense of normalcy, as the rest of the world simply walks on by. 


2 thoughts on “42/365 Sidewalk Dwellers (New Delhi, India)

    • That’s really wonderful, Kim-you’ve raised a humanitarian! Unfortunately I don’t know off hand if there any organizations that support the people on the streets here in India. I would think that there must be, but it would take some research. But please encourage her to keep thinking about others-and if I find out I’ll be sure to share the info.


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