47/365 The Hawker (New Delhi, India)

  47/365 – The Hawker

Today I stumbled into a wholesale clothing mecca called Amar Colony. Located in the Lajpat Nagar neighborhood, the entire street is filled with tiny little storefronts like this one where the clothes hawkers sit, ready to display their wares to anyone walking by. 

I watched as they expertly assessed customers walking towards their store and in a blink of an eye had pulled out a bright piece sure to lure in the potential buyer, calling out “Madame-this piece is for you, sure to make your fair complexion even fairer!” Sometimes the person walked on by, but other times, the customer would stop, and within seconds the hawker’s assistant would have the person perched on a plastic stool on the sidewalk, a captive audience. 

The give and take would start then, the hawker pulling out pieces he hoped to sell and the buyer, pointing at items on the shelf, alternating between asking and demanding “how much for that one? Show me some in the 400 range!” 

In the end the buyer leaves, the triumph of  having negotiated a lower price evident on her smiling face, as the hawker, feigning injury at his loss in profits, happily delights in yet another sale. 


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