53/365 Gathering Coconuts (Kerala, India)

  53/365 – Gathering Coconuts 

This morning as I walked back from breakfast I saw a tall, bamboo ladder resting against a palm tree.  When I followed the rungs up, my eyes landed on a dark, lanky figure in blue shorts, no shirt (or harness) with bare feet, chopping clusters of large, green coconuts off the trees.  As the bunches would fall towards the ground, the guys in the pink shirts would catch them. 

Once he got what he needed from the tree, I watched as he shimmied his way down the tall, thin trunk and gingerly stepped on each rung of the ladder until he was back on the solid ground below.  He then picked up his ladder and made his was over to another set of trees as the men in pink followed him, baskets of fresh green coconuts on their heads and started the whole process again. 

How incredibly fearless. 


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