60/365 Morning Meditation (Kerala, India)

  60/365 – Morning Meditation

I saw this young boy as I was walking down to the beach early this morning. Bathed in the glow of the rising sun, he sat quietly, perfectly still, as the birds sang overhead and the waves crashed below.

No distractions.  

I’ve always associated meditation with Hinduism. I think this is because when I meditate, I always start by chanting om, the Sanskrit mantra meaning the entirety of the universe. 

But what I witnessed this morning, a young boy, sitting quietly in front of Christ, was a beautiful reminder that meditation is about turning within. It’s about focusing on each breath, in and out until one’s mind is still.  Meditation allows one to connect  with the bigger universe, regardless of one’s religion or beliefs, or where one actually sits down to contemplate. 


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