66/365 Coming and Going (New Delhi, India)

  66/365 – Coming and Going

I’m always amazed at how many cars are on the roads in Delhi at any one time. People are constantly coming and going.  

Early tomorrow morning I will join the ones that are going. 

I was only in Delhi for ten months, yet sometimes it feels like I’ve been here much longer, and at other times I wonder where the time went. A lot of my time over the past ten months was spent coming and going, and the time actually spent in India was filled with a myriad of emotions. 

There were moments of such profound sadness at seeing women and children and the disfigured, dirty and begging on every street corner, eyes devoid of any emotion, no real hope for a better future in sight. There were moments of extreme frustration and disappointment when I would repeatedly ask why things are done a certain way and feeling like this nation, filled with centuries of history and a future of potential innovation, could do so much better. But there were also moments of sweet surprise when the kindness of people would come through at the most unexpected moments. 

India-a land of contradictions. It left me wanting to leave and wanting more for it all at once. Though I’ll get on a plane in a few hours, I’m fairly certain I’ll be back again at some point. 


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