84/365 – An Evening with Jim Lehrer (Bethesda, Maryland)

84/365 – An Evening with Jim Lehrer

Tonight I was part of a small group who had the opportunity to spend an evening with Jim Lehrer. I’ve always enjoyed watching him on PBS, but I didn’t know that he’s published 21 novels and a number of plays. But as I listened to him speak and advise those of us in the audience that it’s as easy as writing one page a night for a year, I got to thinking that it has to be a lot more than that. 

While I by no means am trying minimize his effort or work, I believe that his wife, who he himself said was a much better writer and editor than him, likely supported him in ways that he may not have even realized.  

It was an interesting discussion that really made me think a lot about support systems-be it family, friends or colleagues, and how fundamental they are to getting you to where you ultimately want to be. 


One thought on “84/365 – An Evening with Jim Lehrer (Bethesda, Maryland)

  1. As I age, I have begun to realize that life is a lot more than it seems – I understand how complicated things can be under the surface and how interconnected everything is. For years I felt so independent, but finally realized that my successes are(were) often because of those who support(ed) me mentally or physically… I am strong because of the wonderful support system of friends and family. It IS a beautiful thing.

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