108/365 – Ready, Set, Wait (Arlington, Virginia)

108/365 – Ready, Set, Wait

Sometimes it is hard to believe that there was ever a time when people actually looked forward to going to the airport.  Whether it was to travel to new and faraway places, or to pick up loved ones at the gate, you just knew that the terminals would be filled with others like you, their excitement about what awaited them, almost palpable.

But then one day, in a blink of an eye, the world changed and travel as we knew it, was never again the same.   

In an instant we lost our ability to carry liquids past security, spend time with friends and family at the gate, or arrive less than an hour before the flight knowing there would be no problem getting on it.  Gone are the days of civility and dressing up for your trip. Instead, we’re faced with constantly overbooked flights, crowded planes, less legroom, and paying for everything from luggage to food on the plane.  Airlines no longer even pretend to care about customer service, having us check ourselves in, tag our own bags and take them to security, all while charging us for the privilege of checking in a piece of luggage.  

Though there are still many like me who suffer from the wanderlust, the actual act of getting to where I need to go is a necessity more than anything else.  And though my fellow travelers and I may in fact be ready and set, just wanting to get to our final destinations, we inevitably find we have no choice but to wait.


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