122/365 Azaleas (Alexandria, Virginia)

122/365 – Azaleas 

I think it’s fairly accurate to describe me as botanically challenged.  

In fact, I’m one of those people who can literally kill any plant left in my care and I never know what anything is. I desperately want to love gardening, but alas, I’ve come to accept that amongst the myriad of talents that I do possess, digging in the dirt and planting the seeds to grow new life is simply not one of them. 
This fact is disappointing to me given how much I love fresh flowers. Well really fresh anything. Flowers, grass, herbs-I love it all. 

Like the flowers pictured here. 

I was going to name this picture Fuschia Crepe, but then I googled fuschia colored flowers and learned that they’re actually azaleas. And so I thought, in case there were any other botanically challenged people like me out there,  this would be my chance to give back, educate and spread the word. 

In this case, the word being, azaleas. 


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