171/365 La Dolce Vita (Rome, Italy)

171/365 – La Dolce Vita

I captured this shot in the piazza that houses the Pantheon. The cobbled stones of the square are traversed by thousands of people each day as they take in the sights, and the cafes that line the square are filled with Italians and tourists alike, sitting back and simply taking in the moment.  

They’re living La Dolce Vita.

Literally translated as “the sweet life,”  la dolce vita  is the art of living a life of pleasure and indulging in the things that you love.  It’s about focusing on simple pleasures and and enjoying the moment.  In the hum drum of our daily reality, this simple way of life is often overlooked.  However, this past week I was pleasantly reminded that my own life is made up of  many dolce vita moments – one after another – and they’re all wonderful.  

For me, this past week was filled with simple indulgences and sweet moments that I was able to find every place that I looked.  I found some of them while strolling through the old streets of Brussels and Rome, and others while standing at the counter of El Greco at the foot of the Spanish Steps sipping an espresso and crunching my way through a cannoli. I got another taste when I stopped at small wine shop behind Piazza Navona for a glass of wine and fresh truffle cheese, silently witnessing the life going on all around me. I felt it quite deeply while spending time with friends on a beautiful sailboat on the clear blue-green waters, the sun on our backs and the wind in our hair as we sailed through the calm waters with absolutely no destination.  It was wonderfully present as we wound our way through the narrow little alleyways of the Borg in Nettuno to arrive at a little restaurant at the end of a sun-dappled piazza for the house specialty – a spicy vongole with a carafe of the house white wine followed by some homemade limoncello.  

I realized this week that though I have often felt that such sweet moments only come when I’m off exploring in some fawaway place, the reality is that I am living la dolce vita now – the key is being able to recognize and enjoy it.  


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